A Wedding Magician: Meet Sam

A Wedding Magician: Meet Sam

I met Sam at a wedding fayre and this guy is super cool! He’s not JUST a magician, he is a serious entertainer doing loads of events as well as a wedding magician (No pressure Sam!) He really does bring so much more in his personality and thats before he even starts magic!

Let’s Plan Something Magical

Sam Fitton

First of all… Congratulations!

You’re getting married and now the fun really begins planning your perfect wedding. It’s not as difficult as you may think so long as you keep in mind one very simple thing… what you enjoy! I know it sounds obvious but this is not just a wedding, it’s a celebration! So make it unique. Make it yours!

As an award winning magician and the North West’s ‘Best Wedding Entertainment’ 2014 I make it my sole mission to ensure everyone is having fun. That’s why I’m there!

It’s not just about the magic, the tricks or fooling people. It’s about lighting up aunty Jackie’s face, baffling the perpetually moody teenagers and making sure you and your guests have an absolutely amazing day.


“The whole room was buzzing and Sam was a real hit with all guests, young and old. He also performed an amazing trick for us (bride and groom) – I will not spoil the surprise – and provided us with keepsakes. Professional service, before, during and after the day. Would highly recommend Sam. Well worth the money!”

Gareth & Elisabeth O’Neil


When you look back at your wedding you’ll remember the funny moments, the great moments and that time that you laughed so hard you couldn’t finish your soup!

Performing during your drinks reception, photographs, wedding breakfast or evening bash I tailor each of my performances to you, fitting seamlessly into your plans, whilst remaining sensitive and versatile to your needs. I can dazzle your diners with flair and flamboyance or blend into the crowd like a ninja in the night. I’ll gauge the tone and add moments to remember for all the right reasons.


Sam was brilliant on our Wedding day, our guest really couldn’t believe their eyes! Sam entertained everyone young and old and it was an absolute pleasure to have him there to to add a little something extra for people to remember our big day by. Absolutely amazing!”

Tom & Danielle Hallett


It’s always lovely to hear that a Bride & Groom have chosen me to perform on their very special day. It means the world to me to be there and to become part of a day that you will never forget.

Even though entertainment isn’t the first thing you’d think of booking like all live acts once I’m booked, well, I’m booked! There’s only one of me and I hate letting people down so if you would like me to add that extra touch to your big day please let me know as soon as you can.

Have a wonderful time planning your day and if I can help in anyway simply get in touch.

Contact Sam now on 07947166024 or email@samfitton.com