An Experienced; Planning Your Perfect Wedding

An Experienced; Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Your Own Cinderella Moment!

Helen was my super glam bride, for her trial she had a clear idea of what hair and makeup looks she wanted, super prepared with pictures of different looks she’d found all working perfectly with her Mori Lee lace fishtail wedding gown from Dream Dress Bridal in Bredbury and statement necklace… So here are Helen’s top tips for planning your perfect wedding day!


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I could write a novel the length of war and peace about my wedding day – it was perfect to me and I loved every minute but then who doesn’t?!

I could bore you with why I picked the flowers I did or the venue but you’ll come to your own reasoning for that – instead I’ll impart a few ‘top tips’ to help you plan your own perfect wedding and create your own fairytale moment!



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  1. Budget!

I love a spreadsheet so maybe I revelled in this a little more than most but if you want to help yourself in the long run, be realistic on what you can afford. My husband and I decided on £8000 – to some that seems masses to lots it’s probably peanuts but it’s the figure we worked out we could comfortably save without having a year living on the bread line.


  1. Prioritise

Think of all the things that a wedding comprises; venue, guests, dress, photographer, party etc and put it in order of importance. There is no right answer here, for us it was number of guests and fantastic photographs that hit the top of our list – this helped massively in deciding venue and working out where we could scrimp & save on the budget and where we weren’t willing to sacrifice.






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  1. Get Creative

We saved loads as I was willing to put some time into making my own things. I made my bouquet from brooches that friends and family gave to me, making it really personal & special. I did my own centre pieces for the tables to avoid the cost of flowers and even designed my own invites saving a fortune on design & printing costs. It might take time & effort but it does really save a pretty penny and make the day very personal & unique


  1. Be Cheeky!

I always say ‘you don’t ask you don’t get’ and it couldn’t be truer for a wedding. We asked my mum to make our cake which she was delighted to do. I asked the venue if they could do us a deal on the bar prices for guests and we ended up with a special price for bottles of wine & draughts too. I asked for a room upgrade the night before and low and behold got upgraded to the suit we were due to have on the wedding night.

The worst thing to happen for asking is someone says no, which does happen, but it really isn’t that terrible!


  1. Get Recommendations

Both the wedding dress shop – Dream Dress Bridal and the hair & makeup artist – Harry Jon, came as recommendations from friends who had used them and loved them and I couldn’t be more pleased with both!

Using suppliers / venues others rave about just makes sense! Why have the fear of the unknown?!?



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  1. Try Before You Buy

You want to know what you’re spending your hard earned pennies on is just what you want so, try it out. Eat in the restaurant, view several of the bedrooms, book a hair & make up trial, try loads of dresses, view photographers albums. You want to know what you chose is what you think it is so try it out!!! After all you can’t change it on the day so make sure it’s right before hand. Any decent company will not have an issue with this. Harry Jon went through several hair & makeup options with me, working with me to get the look I was after. Dream dress bridal had me in for several appointments where they spent several hours allowing me to browse & try without the hard push. They were full of helpful advice too!



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  1. Be You

It’s your wedding day and it should reflect your personalities and the things you love. You don’t have to have fruit cake just because it’s traditional. You don’t have to wear white if it doesn’t suit you just because it’s what people expect!  We did a cocktail making session for guests whilst we had our couple shots and a brass quartet to play in between. A very eccentric mix but very ‘us’ all the same.




  1. Research

The Internet is a wonderful thing. If you’re prepared to look you can find loads of amazing ideas and view hundreds of venues without even leaving the comfort of your home. It really does pay to do a little research first, look at reviews, find items you may want. You can save time and money by surfing the net to get those finishing touches for less or by whittling down the venue list to your top 3 to avoid dragging your soon to be spouse round hundreds of pointless locations.


  1. Have Fun!

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be a chore, it’s not all about the 1 day. Make sure that you have a laugh along the way – after all planning a wedding can take over your life for a while so you really don’t want it to be stressing you out.



  1. Budget!

Yup it’s that important it’s on here twice! If you want to reduce the stress levels make a budget and stick to it! I knew I’d found the perfect photographers in Red 5 Studios, but given our tight budget I knew I’d have to compromise on something else. For us it was the table decorations, I had intended to have real flowers but at over £50 per table I could see the numbers mounting up in a less than favourable way! I also ended up getting the button holes from a florist on the market – they worked out half the price of the high street shop and just as beautiful. The stall had a folder of images of past work; they just weren’t on line & obviously had cheaper over heads for running meaning the customers got the savings passed on!


Remember planning a wedding doesn’t have to be a chore, have fun with it – enjoy the chance to bond with your partner and make the day truly reflect you! Don’t worry what others might think, family and friends will be happy no matter what you decide and if they’re not – so what?! Those that truly support you would wear a bin bag if that’s what you desired!

Stick to your budget and you’ll avoid any additional heart ache – it really is there to help not hinder you. And finally just be you – you’ll have way more fun getting creative and planning your special day if it reflects who you are & what you like, and if things are seeming all a bit much – just remember it’s only one day!!!


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Good luck creating your ‘happy ever after!’




  1. Fabulous wedding – Stunning bride – Perfect day xxx

    • And a gorgeous gown Dream Dress! Jo was breathtaking x


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