Top Tips for a Relaxed Wedding Morning

Top Tips for a Relaxed Wedding Morning

Wedding hair and makeup

THE Wedding Morning

You’ve spent months, some of you years…and now the big day has finally arrived!

I have witnessed many morning flusters and many more last minute panics on the morning of a wedding day. So I thought I would write a short hints and tips guide, to help you prepare and retain it stress free.

Nerves do funny things to brides (AND bridesmaids), so you never really know just how you are going to be during the run up to it – never mind the actual day. The big picture is that you’ve got all your favourite people coming together for the best celebration ever, with your favourite suppliers from the wedding industry hired to help it run smoothly…

So the wedding day is here, sit back, play list on, relax, drink bubbly, make sure you eat something and take it all in.

The Week Before Your Wedding

It’s the last run up to the wedding, so be organized!

Anything like stationary, music, gifts etc that can be done in advance – get them done! Keep yourself a storage box to add wedding bits to, keep them safe, dust free and ready to transport for the big day.

With regards to table plans, don’t panic if somebody can no longer come. In fact, most weddings have a last minute guest cancellation – which is annoying because you still have to pay for them and their name is all ready perfectly printed on your wedding plan. But let it go over your head, it’s just a name! Yes, you want everything to be perfect but worst case scenario, you now have a spare chair! If you do manage to find a last minute friend you can now invite to the wedding breakfast, then I’m sure they won’t mind being referred to a Aunty Flo for a couple of hours!

Write your list to keep your mind relaxed and organised and get checking it off so the last week is all minimal bits n bobs and enjoying a pamper.

The Night Before Your Wedding

Full swing celebrations are on! It’s the night before and there is nothing more you can do to change things. So, some time spent with the girls, relaxing and getting excited with them, unwinding and keeping the nerves at bay…but watch the bubbly! Hungover brides have happened when nerves have got the better, bubbly (or a nice gin) flow far too well and will always happen, a few tipples, a nice meal and beauty sleep.

Nails, lash extensions & tan should all be done by now – don’t leave it until the wedding day! It goes extremely fast and things like this need time and patience you don’t want to be running around frantic over patchy tan on your wedding morning or messing with stick on nails.

Try and sleep. Keep a pen and paper at the side of your bed, then anything on your mind you can jot down and relax your mind.

The Wedding Morning

Wedding Hair & Makeup

The morning will go fast! Before you know it, you’re putting on your dress, the registrar is arriving and your bridesmaids are running around you like loonies.

A hair and makeup artist can really take the pressure off – this is where i come in and i always get asked how i stay so calm, or thanks for keeping a bride calm. The blessing of having an artist around is all you have to do is get up, get showered and then wait in your cute PJ’s for them to arrive. Remember, no bra straps or socks if you can see these areas when you’re dressed! You don’t want to have an ugly underwear line shown in a beautiful strapless gown! Also remember that your makeup artist will need pictures from your trial and/or inspiration pictures that you have found for you and your bridal party in advance.

If you are going DIY on your wedding morning then make sure you have done a couple of trial runs beforehand and make sure you start earlier than you think you will need to on the actual morning. Most brides want to be ready before they are due to go downstairs, but from experience, once you are ready you’ll relax more. If you’re ready early then you have time for changes if something’s not right.

Don’t forget you need time to get into your dress too so aim to be in your dress with half an hour to spare. It will allow you time to take everything in, get pictures and see the registra… or it will give you a half our reserve if everything goes sideways and you wish you had more time!

DIY brides might want to check out the HJ Youtube Channel for beauty hacks and tutorials. OR the online hair up training sites which has varied lessons for how to do hair up step by step. You can drop me a message if there is a specific style you want to learn and i can work on this for you…


Your photographer quite often takes pictures of your gown, accessories and anything else special you have bought. So it’s good to have everything together and ready before he/she arrives.

Speak to your photographer and check if they like to shoot any staged pictures where you might have to pause preparations midway, or if they need you ready early to take pictures before you leave. All this takes time, so factor this in. Your makeup artist can leave cheeks, lips and fitting your hair accessory until the photographer is ready, so your utilizing the time well.

When the photographer has finished taking pictures of your gown hung up, if you have a corset back it is wise to ask someone to get it un-laced and ready to be put on whilst you finish off doing your make up. Long corsets can take a while to undo and will save you time later. WARNING: whoever does this make sure they have clean hands and nails. Ideally you need someone with acrylic, gel or shellac nails – like makeup and grime, nail varnish will also leaves marks!

relaxed wedding party
Wedding Party Pains

I quite often hear of wedding party members causing havoc. If it’s hairstyles they’re unhappy with, then leave it to the hairdresser – maybe give her a heads up that someone’s quite particular about their look, but we’re used to it.

If it’s arguments over table plans, aka. Someone can’t be in the same room as someone else, in fact anything where they turn into a tantrum toddler – then let them deal with it and keep your self well clear. If they can’t behave like a grown up, then why are you paying £50+ per head to have them there? A wise wedding supplier once told me “you have to be a little bit selfish on your wedding day because this day is for you, not them”.

Do i hear tantrums? Yes our children are gorgeous but we all know they like to play up for mum & dad. Even some of the most adorable might start to play up when they feel something is going on or different. So organise someone to look after them, possibly take them to the park, burn off some steam, take a nap if they need one and be fed and watered before arriving with you ready to be dressed and leave. They easily get bored and tired with your relaxed wedding preparations so enjoy your ‘you’ time.


Make sure your groomsmen and bridesmaids have all had fittings and tried everything on in advance! Short trousers, jackets that won’t fasten and bridesmaids in poorly fitting gowns are a wedding day nightmare. Be prepared and try them on – you’ll have time to change things and delegate a runner to the nearest outlet if not all has gone to plan. You personally don’t need that extra stress on your wedding morning, especially if your wedding venue is far away!

The Weather

There is absolutely nothing you can do about Mother Nature – so plan for it. If you’ve a lot going on outside, then it’s good to purchase some cute wellies or boots just in case, also umbrellas and gazebos to keep you dry. Even think about hair and makeup. If your hair doesn’t like to curl and you are going for a hair down look with the risk of rain, it will drop a lot. If your hair doesn’t like humidity, you don’t want to end up looking like Monica Geller from Friends, so plan wisely!

I have had so many brides worry and stress about the rain and really there is nothing you can do about it. Looking back on your wedding day thinking you spent your morning worrying about the rain might be a funny story later on, but don’t stress, just go with it. The majority of the time the clouds part and the sun appears as you step outside, but there is nothing you can do about a storm so don’t sweat it! Photographers are used to it all and will have tricks to get perfect pictures, hair and makeup can be waterproof/water resistant – your suppliers have been dealing with things like this for years, so relax!

Wedding Anxiety

You’ve picked all your suppliers because you loved something about them and they are experienced. You’ve given them your vision in the meetings up to the wedding, so now is the time to just trust them.

If you get really worried, then wait until they’ve finished to see what they’ve done and them comment – sometimes the coming together doesn’t look quite right but the finished sight will be your vision again.

This is with the exception of hair – for me if you need extra adding, more height, or hair left out, then it really is best to know before you are glued into place for perfection. But for this reason I dress your hair in front of a mirror and then you can give the instructions as we go.

Enjoy it!

Relax, don’t over think and go with the flow of the wedding celebrations – hair and makeup, pictures, video, flowers arriving, getting ready, speaking to the registrar etc. It’s a whirlwind of a day so cherish EVERY moment without stress. Everyone will have some sort of anxiety butterflies as you put on your dress ready to walk down the aisle – just remember’ to enjoy every moment. There really is nothing to worry about, it’s just a massive party for YOU!


Give us a comment and share any stresses you might have had or are worried about… x

Dream Dress Bridal Catwalk; Before & After

Dream Dress Bridal Catwalk; Before & After


Like you’ve never seen us before!



For most women before & after pictures are terrifying! To be seen without our war paint on is a big no no – so these were particularly brave under the circumstances. Harsh lighting and a very early start meant that these pre-makeup shots were never going to be picture perfect and not particularly what we’d want seen all over the internet… BUT we’re warriors, so here we go!

A 5.30am start to get myself ready revealed the true horrors of the dreaded ‘pillow face’. Many of my clients laugh when I tell them about the ‘lazy side’ of my face and that my skin isn’t particularly great, because I cover it with professional makeup. But as I was asking other ladies to bare all, I decided to join them and show that the proof is in the pudding! I think we can all agree that this bad boy snap, really does show my double sided face at its worst!

bridal before and after picture

At wedding fayres, I always aim to find out which bridal looks are already donning the runway before deciding what style I will produce for myself. Today’s was a scruffy up-do with a quiff fringe. I decided against putting anything additional into it, because it is a versatile hair up complimented best by flowers, a tiara or comb etc depending upon your own personal preference. Instead,

For the makeup,  i went a darkish smokey eye with winged vampy eyeliner saluted by a dramatic berry lip from Illamasqua suitable for both of the gowns i was wearing today from Victoria Jane by Ronald Joyce and the other, Mori Lee.

Kit in the car, drive to venue…

Thankfully,I was only working on the catwalk today, so I didn’t have the additional stress of setting up an exhibition stand for the wedding fayre. BUT, what I did have was eleven models about to descend on me for all their hair ups and make ups, in preparation for the show!

bridal before and after makeupCharis & Holly of Dream Dress Bridal and Mandy of Mrs Toppings Tea Parties arrive bright and early at 7am to set up stands providing me with a little extra time to set their prepped hair before the others arrived.

The gorgeous bridesmaid gowns were supplied from Mark Lesley Bridemaids and i was asked to incorporate a flower headband into each look to suit the collection. On wedding days every bridesmaid has a different style so to inspire I created each look to have the same shadow base in a mauve, applied to accentuate the fresh and girly pink tone of the dress but with their own personality twist.

  • Charis: traditional smooth curled hair with the addition of a retro liquid liner to her makeup.
  • Holly: Cheryl Cole inspired BIG hair and a smoky liner for sultry eyes with lots of bronzer.
  • Mandy: a softer look consistent with the vintage style, using brown liner and a small amount of black with English rose blush cheeks (Mandy was also a bride today too, so her look had to be wearable for her vintage princess wedding gown from Mori Lee later on in the show)

Jen and Michelle also volunteered to join us for a before and after makeup picture too, however I do feel that with their natural good looks, they got away a little easier than me and my pillow face! Jen requested an up-do to trial a ‘scruffy chignon’ for her sister’s big day with added flowers, which I absolutely loved in her hair.

bridal before and after

I went to town with the backcombing on Jen’s hair before shaping it into place (although poor Jen had to do the practice catwalk with unfinished MASSIVE hair. Luckily she’s a good sport and took it in her stride, smiling all the way!). For Jen’s makeup I applied a soft look but with definition using lots of liner, mascara and lashes and then super rosy on the apples of her cheeks – a look that worked well with both gowns from Diane Harbridge & Heritage.

With the launch of the new movie,  ‘Cinderella‘ Michelle was our very own girl with the glass slippers as she wore two gowns from Diane Harbridge collection encrusted in diamontes and sparkle. Michelle’s hair was heavily curled with added extensions and then creatively pinned for a ‘half up-half down’ look. Topped with a beautiful tiara from Richard Designs. The perfect accessory for any princess bride!

bridal before and after makeover

Michelle’s makeup was encrusted in a soft pink (a mixture of two from Eye Kandy) with a thin line of black liquid liner, a pink lip and cheek, with lots of highlights and finished off dowsed in glitter spray – she literally shimmered her way down the catwalk in superb Cinders style!

By this point, I was four girls down and seven more to go…the clock was ticking and with only so many hours in the day, I certainly had my hands full and the pressure was on. Thankfully Jen jumped in to lend a hand adding lashes to the girls; a makeup artist turned beautician! Whilst Michelle, a fellow hairdresser, grabbed the curlers and got stuck in to assist getting the job done on time. Thank you so much ladies!

bridal hair and makeupAs Lorna arrived, I decided a quick plaited up do was most suitable for her bridal look, as she was also being a bridesmaid (pictured above with Holly & Charis) later in the show. This is a super fast but effective look for bridesmaids and easily adapted to your own personal style; individually altering more height, more drama, more loose, etc.

Lorna’s makeup was a traditional and natural wedding look; a wash of taupe brown on her socket, brown liner and mascara, then an apricot cheek to go with her cappuccino bridesmaid dress from Mark Lesley.

Our catwalk community is very much like a little family. We all work hard and pull together every show to create something inspiring and entertaining for prospective brides who come to visit. Year by year the comments get better and better on the choreography and vibe of the team – something that is so encouraging and rewarding for all those who put in the work on the stage and behind the scenes!

For the launch of Dream Dress Bridal’s new boutique, Charlotte showcased the classic hair down with extensions for volume. But this time arond, I opted for a soft and very loose updo with pieces cascading topped off with a fresh bridal look for her makeup. In all honesty Charlotte would look amazing no matter what she wears, but she looked particularly sensational in this Heritage gown – my own personal princess favourite of the Dream Dress boutique.

Next was Jen, always my edgy bride and today is no different as she graced the catwalk in a complete embellished fishtail gown with a sweetheart neckline from Mori Lee – to say she looked absolutely stunning is an understatement! Today we went for a dramatic eye makeup – shimmering gold from the Urban Decay palette teamed with a MAC brown paint pot underneath to give some added depth, with a bronze cheek and added coral on the apples giving her a dramatic sun kissed look (also from my MAC palette).

bridal catwalk looksJens hair was whizzed up into a sleek classic updo style; a pleat complemented by pretty flower slides through the back from Richard Designs.


Next was Michelle number two, this time opting for an art deco inspired hair, pinned up in curls around the back to one side, showing off the embellished back on this amazing princess gown from Mori Lee.

Michelles makeup defined her socket line, liquid liner, lashes and a slightly heavier contour than the others and lots of high lighter from Illamasqua


Maxine arrived with a full face of makeup, like many, she does not leave the house without it, so a before and after picture was not possible this time and no time to remove all the makeup traces – think on your feet, I topped up her make up quickly, as by this point, we only had about 20 minutes left before the start of the show and no time to waste – i’m almost there and feeling good as this is the biggest show i’ve done with no assistant! Thank heavens for a fellow makeup artist and hairdresser on hand who just happen to love parading round in wedding dresses!

bridal catwalk looks

Last was my gorgeous gal Georgia – (yet to be signed by a modelling agency but I doubt it will take long) who walked for the newest designer for Dream Dress; Gemy Maalouf looking absolutely gorgeous on the catwalk.


We opted for a curled look again for Georgia’s hair as I wanted to keep it quite sleek but have a slightly rough look around it to keep in style with ‘glam boho bride chic’. For her makeup, I decided upon lots of liner and super smouldering eyes. Georgia has a real Arabian princess look about her, my very own Princess Jasmine, whose beautiful face demanded plenty of bronze tones to make her eyes pop with black liner around her eyes as well as on the water line. She carried the headband tiara off so well, I’m sure you’ll agree!

wedding fayre catwalk

We love to hear your comments – favourite products – hints & tips for Brides to be. So please leave your comments below!


All wedding gowns are available at Dream Dress Bridal in Bredbury.

Chalotte Clemie is available to book: Alan Sharman Agency

Toast Master: Bob Williams

Videographer: Rich Video


A Wedding with Sparkle!

A Wedding with Sparkle!

I met Danielle for the first time whilst doing hair & makeup with an events company at The Saddleworth Hotel and many more since: So when Danielle and Scott became engaged, it was only natural for her to ask me to be her make up artist for her own special day and upon learning the day would be all glitz and glamour, I became even more excited for her wedding!

The Saddleworth Hotel

It soon became apparent that the ever popular Saddleworth Hotel was limited on wedding availability, leaving Danielle & Scott with only one option – 31st December 2013. Not one to be discouraged by the biggest party night of the year, the couple embraced the idea of seeing in 2014 surrounded by all their friends and family on their first day as man and wife. I couldn’t agree more, what better way to start a new year?!

pixies in the cellar

It was an early start for bridal hair and makeup, beginning at 7am before the sun had even had chance to rise. It was dark outside but Danielle was glowing; a beaming smile greeted me at the door. As I stepped into the hallway, the surprisingly calm bride whispered to me “do you want a sneak peek at my dress?”. Well, I wasn’t going to say no and WOW what a dress!  The stunning embellished gown designed by Manuel Mota Vetura from Pronovias was absolutely breathtaking. Note to future brides: for those of you that love a ‘Twilight’ backless gown, Danielle’s is one you need to see!

Pixies In The Cellar

The bridal party seemed quite relaxed. The morning flowed peacefully and there was an unusual sense of calm and serenity in the air. As the early sun began to shine in through the windows, I began to curl hair and apply the make up that Danielle had chosen at her trial. We went for a soft crease cut; a modern look with lots of mascara, lashes and liquid liner.

I gave her hair lots of volume in order to last the duration of the day, then added a beautiful encrusted comb Danielle had purchased to the side…and of course for a wedding with sparkle –  more sparkle through to the back! Consistent with the request of ‘something messy but tidy’, I applied smooth looped curls to finish the look.


Pixies In The Cellar

Pixies In The Cellar

If I could use one word to summarize Danielle and Scott’s wedding, it most certainly would have to be ‘encrusted’. From head to toe and start to finish, the day was full of sparkle – much to my taste! The little bridesmaids wore encrusted diamonte pumps to match Danielle’s gorgeous Jimmy Choo’s


Pixies in the cellar

Pixies n The Cellar

and even the boys got a little added sparkle on their shoes!

Pixies In The Cellar

The cake was an elegant centrepiece draped in shimmer and shine, whilst the bouquets by Kelly Louise were soft and delicate – a true winter wonderland that undoubtedly will inspire many more brides-to-be, all captured wonderfully by Peter & Sara of Pixies In The Cellar photography.


Pixies In The Cellar

Pixies In The Cellar

Danielle Saddleworth 15

Pixies In The Cella

Pixies In The Cellar

Pixies In The Cellar


As the end of the year came to a close and the night rolled in, the DJ got the party started in the final countdown to 2013. Having gracefully walked down the aisle to an operatic singer, the day soon transformed into a vivacious celebration and the champagne flowed freely, ending an old year and starting a new on a high.

Pixies In The Cellar

Pixies In The Cellar


My biggest congratulations go to the new Mr and Mrs and if you’re passing the area, I highly recommend dropping by the Saddleworth Hotel for its amazing food and even more spectacular views.

Even if you’re not getting married its worth the visit!



Finding Your Wedding Style

Finding Your Wedding Style

What kind of bride are you?

Here’s some inspiration to help you find your wedding style!

Finding your wedding style within the bridal world can be tricky for some. We all love imagery and shopping with our eyes, but the rules can change when it come to being head to toe in a full on bridal gown and corsetry. Shopping as you know it doesn’t quite work when you come to try on the ‘perfect gown’ and its can all be a bit of an anti climax! My advice, get to a boutique and try these gowns on. Ive met brides that want a lace gown with possibly a little detail who have left in head to toe sparkle and vice versa – my point is, your everyday style browsing through a wedding mag doesn’t cut it this time because i guess it just doesn’t feel special enough?

As well as a hairstylist and makeup artist i also work along side a 5* bridal boutique Dream Dress Bridal and a stunning jewellery company Stella & Dot, i love the styling side of my work so i’ve put this together to help you piece your perfect wedding style together… Hopefully it helps but get your comments below, give your advice and let us know if love any of the styles!

ronald joyce princess wedding style


The Princess; A Ronald Joyce princess gown (this has a detachable flower) it has an amazing corset and encrusted sweetheart neckline, the waistline plunges to make it even more slimming! I’ve teamed this with a Richard Design Central tiara and Stella & Dot’s Vintage Crystal Necklace Deco Drop Earring & Vintage Crystal Bracelet. The Crystal Necklace works great in multiples too!

Dramatic fishtale wedding style


The Dramatic; A Tulle fishtail gown (that the boutique also has in very similar with straps) this gown is super dramatic and sexy, the corsetry is amazing in this and shows curves off amazingly well! I’ve teamed this with Stella & Dot’s Casablanca Chandelier Earrings and matching Casablanca Bracelet… The Chandelier earrings are so versatile with 3 looks in one – check them out on the Stella & Dot site to see the alternative images! Plus a hair comb from Richard Designs for the hair, heavy but small to work well with the statement jewellery. Need MORE sparkle? This Mori Lee gown also looks great with a blingy belt!


Mark Lesley Boho bride wedding style

The Boho Babe; This has just come in to the boutique and i absolutely love it! Layered lace and super drapey its a perfect boho brides gown. I’ve teamed this one with Stella & Dot’s gorgeous Zinnia Split Ring, Becca Bracelet – both come in an alternative if you are not a green girl and Reverie Chandelier Earrings. Then a headband from Richard Designs with accents of gold to pick out the jewellery and beading on the gown – wear as a headband or across the forehead.. OR add flowers?

Which are you? If you would like to see more inspiration give us a comment below and we’ll create your mood board…

For headpieces & gowns check out Dream Dress Bridal in Stockport



Choosing The Perfect Wedding Shoes

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Shoes

“There was an old woman who lived in a shoe…” – well, it’s more of a semi detached just outside of Manchester oh and I’m desperately steering away from the term ‘old’ thank you very much, but I wouldn’t be the first woman to claim that my life is certainly ruled by soles that bear your soul! So why should my wedding day be any different?

Bridal Shoes

I, like you am currently planning a wedding and on the hunt for the perfect wedding shoes, i’m definitely a quirky girl and ill be after something i can wear again no doubt picking up on some of the bridesmaids colour to give it a bit of a punch… So on my travels i’ve picked out some of the shoes that give you a feeling of  ‘OH I NEED THOSE’ to bring you Brides-to-be some inspiration!

Things to keep in mind for your big day;


Christian Laboutin


Badgley Mischka



If you’re a fashion conscious bride who plans on strutting her stuff from dawn until well after dusk in her five inch Jimmy Choos, then prepare for your feet to pay the price. Do not expect to be able to walk miles around a park, dragged along by your photographer who obviously wants to give you the perfect location for your album images. But saying this…when will you get this chance again? You wouldn’t wear a £500 pair of Vera Wang ivory covered silkies down to Tesco now would you?

One day; no pain no gain! But remember it comes at a cost.

Vivienne Westwood


Jimmy Choo


Representative of you

Yes, most bridal gowns are floor length and the shoes will barely be seen. BUT, these are the shoes that you will marry in and no doubt will feature in your wedding album. Many photographers like to capture the essence of the day by photographing the details like the back of the dress, the button holes, the flowers and indeed the bridal shoes. So if you were planning on wearing old ballet pumps to nail that comfort factor, bear in mind that a clean and fresh pair will be better than the ones you’ve been knocking around town in for the past couple of months. Of course colour suited to your chosen dress is desired to avoid them stealing the show – and comfort can always sneak its way on to your feet when the lights go down and boogie time begins.

Rachel Simpson

Charlotte Mills

Yes, most bridal gowns are floor length and barely seen. BUT, these are the shoes that you will marry in and no doubt will feature in your wedding album. Many photographers like to capture the essence of the day by photographing the details like the back of the dress,the button holes, the flowers and indeed the bridal shoes. So if you were planning on wearing old ballet pumps to nail that comfort factor, bear in mind that a clean and fresh pair will be better than the ones you’ve been knocking around town in for the past couple of months. Of course colour suited to your chosen dress is desired to avoid them stealing the show – and comfort can always sneak its way on to your feet when the lights go down and boogie time begins.



Location, location, location

Where are you getting hitched? If it’s in a field then please remember that stiletto heels DO sink in grass unavoidably. That satin heel cover is easily ruined by mud and you’ll soon spend your entire day on the ball of your foot if your reception is situated in a picturesque garden, no matter how dry you think it looks. Ivory wellingtons decorated in ribbons and bows are suited especially for brides with outdoor locations. They’re not for everyone, but they really do exist and are very popular with kitsch rock and roll brides!

Kurt Geiger



I have seen so many gorgeous diamante and crystal covered heels on brides feet (which sounds wonderful does it not?)…until a long, slim fitting, fish tail lace dress is taken out of it’s cover bag. It is very rare that a bride will try on her wedding shoes with her wedding dress for longer than a few minutes before the big day, standing mostly stationary in front of a mirror to admire her completed attire. So, when shoes covered with excessive sharp shards and pointy pearls are chosen for a tight fitting lace dresses, it can only lead to a disaster. The material catches, the fabric plucks and tears… I’ve never seen a bride take a tumble before, but no bride wants a shoe grabbing dress disaster. Always keep in mind what you’re wearing from top to toe when you make a selection and try out your outfit before the event. I’ll definitely be breaking mine in having a dance around the house!

Manolo Blahnik

Bows and busy bits

If your dress is pretty fussy, it might be a wise choice to tone down the accessories, including the shoes. Overkill is a car crash when it comes to dressing up, where simple is often the most beautiful. However, if your dress is a little more understated, then perhaps your more adventurous choice of shoe will complete the outfit with attention to detail tying in with decoration at your venue with butterflies as your theme, a small butterfly on your shoe carries the styling through well, a pop of colour to match the bridesmaids or something completely quirky!

Harriet Wilde

Irregular Choice

How tall?!

If your partner is of a similar height to you flat footed, then he or she might not appreciate you waltzing down the aisle to greet them at the end towering well above them. Remember that as nice as it is to carry those few extra inches on the day to slim you down with grace, it’s much nicer to be experiencing the same weather as your guests down below.

Practice makes perfect

If you can’t walk in them then don’t wear them. Ok I understand that these shoes are to die for, believe me, I really do. But tottering around in heels your feet cannot walk in, often looks silly to the onlooker. But fear not, all shoes can be mastered! It just takes a little time and some dedication to practice – perhaps at home making dinner, washing up and doing daily chores in the hope that you won’t ruin them outside in a dirty puddle.

Wear what you want!

Seriously, you only get this one day; With all of the above being said, if you see THE shoes, then get them. Like your dress, your flowers, your venue and food, you only get one wedding day (supposedly!) and this day is the one you will cherish for the rest of your life. You want to feel the bees knees and by God, if Alexander McQueen can do that for you, then go get them!

Alexander McQueen


So, if you need more inspiration pop along to the Pintrest inspiration board because there are tonnes more to see! Already found your shoes? Then give us your tips and links below to your favs!



Vintage Hairstyles and Makeup Inspiration

Vintage Hairstyles and Makeup Inspiration


If you love glitz & glam of the golden age then this is for you !  Key vintage hairstyles & makeup inspiration from way back when…



I was elated when Melanie from ‘Case of The Curious Bride’ recently contacted me to see if I’d be interested in conducting some real life makeovers with real life ladies. It was to be based on her new ‘White Threads’ collection, inspired by the Golden Age of Cinema, to bring you some vintage hair and makeup inspiration from the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s.

Describing ‘vintage’ often refers to several eras spanning almost ten decades. So to decipher the years and their distinguished styles, can often be a task in itself. The 1940’s victory rolls, the super thin brows of the 1930’s and the finger waves of the 1920/30’s, are perhaps the most obvious approaches. But nowadays, it’s not uncommon for us girls to pinch our favourite parts of all the styles and combine the essentials to create a unclassified ‘vintage’ look.

Melanie’s shoot was set to be a great opportunity to get stuck into some good old fashion hair setting, whilst investing in lots of liquid liner and transforming my five gorgeous girls into vintage dolls to demonstrate the eras apart and combined.

1950s bride birdcage veil poppy red pout vintage wedding hair

1950s bride crease cut eye makeup cherry red pout marcel waves birdcage veil


1950 hair_makeupMy first willing victim was the lovely Sarah, representing the 1950’s bride. Sarah had the traditional setting put into her hair showing a mixture of pin & barrel curls. Her eye makeup was mushroom browns tipped with classic ivory, then strong liner to define the eyes, lashes gently accentuated with a light mascara and then her 1950s wedding makeup was finished off with a fabulous red bow pout, perfect for the era!

As Sarah disappeared behind the scenes to slip into her wedding gown complemented by handmade vintage accessories crafted by Ivory Tuesday, model number two, Laura took a seat.

1940s bride bouncy vintage curls natural bridal makeup

1940s bride bouncy curls natural bridal makeup hair down waves

1940 hair_makeupLaura was my 1940’s Rita Hayworth inspired and stunning bride to be. It was important that I kept all of Laura’s vintage makeup delicate, with a soft smudged brown liner, a smidge of black pushed into the top lash line and some subtle lashes to set it off. I contrasted the gentleness of the overall look with a vibrant coral lippy and gradual waves – of course including the signature 40s quiff in her hair.

Seema was to be my irresistible late 1940’s rockabilly bride. Using warmer shades of brown on the eyes and a gorgeous pout with an Illamasqua matt lipstick, I added lots of black liner and lashes to supplement the late and post war era.  illamasqua poppy pout victory rolls urban 1950s wedding bride

1940s bride victory rolls and pink vibrant matt lipstick

Our models loved the hair whizzing up for this one. Seema had SO MUCH hair, at one point, I never thought I’d see the end of it! I added some loose curls to the back section of her hair and then back combed through to the front as the curls cooled. Two pinned victory rolls at the front followed by the cute curls at the back, made the perfect 1940’s vintage hairstyle. Whilst Seema changed into her outfit, I made a quick dash to make a last minute additional fix to our first bride Sarah with a hair accessory from Ivory Tuesday – handmade headpieces by Melanie herself!

fixing in hair accessories 1950s bride marcel wave birdcage veil

After finalising Seema’s 1940’s kiss pout with a quick powder to finish the matte look, I moved on over to my fourth stunning model, Sally

I love lucy hair up Berry lips arched brows bronze 1930s bride

i love lucy hair up 1930s makeup arched eyebrow bronze

1930 hair_makeup

Sally was to demonstrate my 1930’s bridal look. The signature look of the era is a much thinner and more arched brow from the previous looks, with all warm natural tones to enhance her gorgeous bone structure.

Looking at Sally now you wouldn’t believe that her hair is currently cut in an ultra modern ‘short back and sides’ style, something that I knew was not typical of the vintage era. To overcome this, I decided to go for a change from the marcel waving, instead opting for an ‘I love Lucy’ inspired hair up. I curled her hair with a WAM curling iron to ensure it was super tight, then I fluffed it up and slicked back the sides for a much workable and edgy look that was ideal for Sally’s quirky personality.

1920s hair and makeup marcel wave dark eye makeup

1920s vintage hair and makeup

1920 hair_makeupLast but not least, my 1920’s inspired bride, was the crazy gorgeous Sian who was an absolute hoot to work alongside! The popular Gatsby look is typically defined by incredibly pale skin, so I applied the eye makeup first using a Illamasqua gel liner and black pigment to smoke it up and soften the edges without drop down onto the foundation. I then used airbase foundation with a soft coral cheek to highlight the style whilst leaving her statement dark eye makeup and wild finger wave hair to do the talking.

Each of the looks seemed to work exceptionally well for the models and seemed to bizarrely suit their personalities so well!

John Boy Wilson was our photographer for the day who used both an indoor and outdoor set up for this photo-shoot. I was pleased with how the day had panned out, covering several eras over five models. Even some of the Sale community were congratulating our brides outside in their vintage attire!

Thanks to John, Mel and my five best girls for lending me their beautiful faces through the eras.