Top Tips From An Organised Bride

Top Tips From An Organised Bride

An Organised Bride!

I met Meryl a while back now but i remember her pamper like it was last week. She was such an organised bride, armed with inspiration images and ideas – even her bridesmaids were decisive! Their trial and the wedding day was a breeze; absolute pleasure to work with…


Lewis and I lived 5 doors away from each other at our parents homes for about 9 years. We went to different High Schools but we did have some friends in common & so our paths crossed many times over the years but we only really knew of each other.
Years later when we’d left school, got jobs etc… we were both single at the same time and one nosey neighbour (who was friends with both our parents) decided to set us up. Surprising myself (although I had always thought he was good looking & he says he always used to eye me up at functions hosted by our joint friends), I agreed for her to pass Lewis my number. He then contacted me and asked if I wanted to go for a drink – I said ‘yes’ and the rest is history.

The Proposal

We’d gone to London for the Weekend, the main reason was to go to the Harry Potter WB Studio Tour (I’m not embarrassed to admit – huge fan). We’d been living together for 5 years and he still hadn’t asked me to marry him – long story short – I’d pretty much given up on him asking. We had a lovely day round the Studio & headed back to the city – from there we went over to the London Eye. I know now that Lewis wanted to propose on the Eye but in true Lewis fashion he hadn’t executed his plan very well. My feet were killing from a long day of walking, we hadn’t booked the Eye and I was ready to go back to the Hotel. On our way back, we stopped for tea at a restaurant near the hotel then grabbed a bottle of wine to take back to our room. He eventually proposed on one knee in our room and the planning commenced… I’d waited long enough don’t you think?!

   I didn’t want a long engagement but as we were paying for the Wedding ourselves we had to consider what we could afford without compromising too much on what I – I mean ‘we’ wanted – after all, you get 1 shot at it and don’t want regrets.  First thing I did was write a rough guest list so we had numbers, as you will need this when picking your venue & budgeting.

crewe hall cheshire


I’m a very organised person and so did have ideas of what I would love our day to be already. A similarly organised colleague of mine had got married a few years before and they picked Crewe Hall – I remembered from conversations that she had been really pleased with the venue & they went back each year for their Anniversary. The staff are fantastic and really do help make your day run as smoothly as you have planned it. On the day, you can sit back and they will make sure it is executed how you planned. We booked an appointment with the Wedding Coordinator at Crewe Hall and as we drove up the drive and pulled up up front – we were sold on it.
Myself, 2 x bridesmaids, Mum & Dad all stayed at Crewe Hall the night before as we had a 12 o’clock wedding and it was less stressful being there already. As you can imagine, sleep eluded me most of the night and I was wide awake by 5am. My Bridesmaids made me order some toast at least to tide me over although the butterflies were kicking in and I didn’t feel like eating.


wedding morning prepTOP TIP
Recommendations are great, especially from someone who is as like minded as yourself. Your spending probably a lot of money and in most cases, you have never planned anything like this before so ‘tried & tested’ suppliers are useful.



Again, I was recommended ‘Precious Things Event Styling’, we have used them at my work place and a couple of my colleagues also used them for their weddings. They are a great team, really friendly and knowledgeable and best of all, they will help you achieve the impact you want with the budget you have – this sometimes means changing the type of flowers but with their expert advice the finished product is amazing. I was blown away with the centrepieces at our Wedding – it was exactly what I imagined. They also take all the stress of bringing the flowers to the venue, liaising with the venue and setting up to your plan made with Crewe Hall.

david and beverly forster

In the same vein, for our Photographer we chose David & Beverley Foster who are a recommended supplier at Crewe Hall and I liked their style of photography and editing. I felt more at ease selecting from the venues recommended photographers as Crewe Hall is quite a dark venue and as we can’t rely on the weather in England I knew they would know Crewe Hall like the back of their hands and know where the best shots were in or around the venue. They are a Husband and Wife Team and have a great rapport with each other – they are very professional and make sure they get you the best shots.

 Its worth spending the money on a good photographer and having them create an album for you as it is the only thing you have to physically look back on and we all know, we have the intention to put an album together but never get round to it or you don’t do the photo’s justice.


david and beverley forster

The Dress

You have to know yourself, what you’re comfy wearing and what best suits your shape. I always thought I would wear an ‘A-Line’ dress but in the end I went more figure hugging over the hips but not quite ‘Fishtail’. I wore a Maggie Sottero and purchased my dress from Maria Modes in Macclesfield. Every time I looked online at dresses, I always seemed to pick out Maggie Sottero designs and fortunately Maria Modes in Macclesfield, stock Maggie Sottero. The staff at the shop are great, it’s a really exciting experience and they help make it all the more special for you. They also have Suit Hire and so we used them for the Groom and Groomsmen suits – fortunately this was something I could ‘mainly’ relinquish control to Lewis to arrange (I have already mentioned he is not good at executing his plans).


Top Tip  
  Even though you are convinced you think you know what dress you want, still try other styles. Also, the dress shop will recommend a style for you – try it – they know what they’re doing. It’s all part of the experience.

Top Tips from a real bride



Hair & Makeup

You’ve got the gorgeous dress so it would be rude not to have beautiful hair and makeup aswell. I searched the internet for local Hair & Makeup suppliers. No-one really had any recommendations but what I did know was that the further away the supplier is from your chosen venue, the more it will cost due to travel. If you are working to a budget – this is something to bear in mind. I decided to search the North West area and that’s where I came across (Clare) HarryJon – the Website just jumped out at me and the testimonials spoke for themselves. I booked in with Clare for a trial on myself, 2 x bridesmaids and my mum – my mantra was that I only plan to get married once so I am going to enjoy the planning. On the day Clare arrived – all smiles and calm and she set to making us all beautiful. I had brought photo’s with me of our trial so Clare knew what she was recreating.

I had many comments after the Wedding in fact even at the end of the night I still looked great – my hair & Makeup held and I didn’t have to touch up.

TOP TIP    Trial recommended, it removes the chance of mis-communication of what you want on the day and you can discuss options/changes in advance.


After the Wedding we had 2 weeks off. Due to budget, we didn’t know what we could afford so had decided to see what we could get last minute while we were off. We’d discussed Venice and Rome and in the end we managed to get 3 nights in Venice and 3 nights in Rome. As it was a special occasion we went 5* and it was a fantastic – so romantic, and being the type of places they were, 6 days was just enough for us to soak it up and relax.

Even if you have no budget, try and get away just the two of you and relax. The run up to the Wedding is stressful and as amazing as your day is, it is tiring so a break before normal life starts again is well deserved.
 Try not to get too drunk and make sure you take a few moments out – just the two of you to take it in and store it all to memory. The day goes so quickly and you are in high demand so can get distracted.


Whats YOUR top tip? Get in touch and share your DIY ideas, Stress saving or anything else… x

It was love at first sight!

It was love at first sight!

So this lovely lady is one of my closest friends!

I was so excited when she asked me to get her ready for her wedding day… and looking back i’m glad i was there to keep her relaxed – hair and makeup for my gorgeous friend and her mum and a quick rescue with hair for all the bridesmaids.

A completely gorgeous day… Take it away Claire

It was love at first sight!

cheshire hair and makeup

I met James back in 2009, the timing was terrible! My parents had just separated and my whole belief in love, family and marriage was blown to pieces. After cancelling on him once I decided to bite the bullet and just go on the date….

Standing and waiting for him to arrive (for once I was early, ask James now and he will say it is the only time I have ever been early or on time in the whole time he has known me). A really hot guy walks past me, looks at me and smiles then realises he needs to do a 180 because I was the date!

Almost instantly I feel in love with this sweet, shy, generous and super hot figure of a man who can dance…oh yes he can dance! Every girl wants their own Patric Swayze and I now have one!

Within weeks James had managed to rebuild my trust and belief in relationships and love. Within 3 months we were living together and within a year and half he had proposed!


wedding hair and makeup cheshireThe proposal was lovely and so James! He is sweet and shy but his attention to detail is like nobody else’s I know, he managed to surprise me with a trip to London, a wonderful evening with friends that I had not seen in a long while and then the next day in a restaurant that I had always wanted to go to he presented me with an amazing ring and asked me to be his wife, I was in complete shock! But of course jumped at the chance to marry him!

Here is where is the fun begins…..Do you remember I mentioned James attention to detail! Yeah well at times that came in REALLY handy, he made our seating plan and individually glued all the gems on himself! We made all our own invites… Other times not so handy, trying to sneak on those extra canapes and confetti cones!




wedding hair and makeup chesterJames and I rarely argued about what we’d like from our wedding day, we had pretty much the same view. He appreciated that I always wanted to get married in the same church as my sisters and I understood that if we were going to go back to Wales to get married we needed to provide transport his extended family to attend….extended family being the local Rugby club he captained at the time. So we knew it was also going to be a big event.

Keeping it true to us though we wanted suppliers and people that we trusted around us whilst it was a big day we still wanted it to be personal; from the venue that I already knew well The Grosvenor, Pulford , their amazing wedding planning team and hotel manager Maurice could not have been more accommodating. To the florist at Greens N Things who agreed to my strange request to have the flowers in champagne buckets –  to my godfather who spoke at our wedding and James stepmum and one of my closest friends who also did a reading for us.



Finally, we come to the amazing Clare Ardern, Clare, you’ll all know owns HarryJon and she is one of my closest friends so I had to have her! She’s wasn’t just a makeup artist but my stylist, this woman is incredible, she can literally transform you from the person you are to the one you have always wanted to be on your wedding day! This for me was a regal feel, fairy tale meets Hollywood glamour. Clare worked with the theme of my day, dress, colour schemes and personality. Somebody who can do all of this is worth their weight in gold!



Her patience on the day was amazing, we had over 6 adults to get ready and a sneaky little flower girl also managed to use her expertise. (My niece Eleanor is a force to be reckoned with!) My wedding morning wasn’t as smooth as I wanted, I think it is important for all brides to put their foot down here, you need people around you that make you happy. Clare was calm and composed whilst I was having a mini breakdown! She handed me a glass of champagne and smiled, put me in my dress, a Maggie Sottero gown from the ladies at Aristocrats in Chester.



That moment was amazing! All set to travel to our family church in a stunning wedding car of Horgans. If it wasn’t for Clare I can whole heartedly guarantee that James would not have been half as impressed as he was when I met him at the alter.

cheshire wedding


As for the groom… Now my amazing husband I could not have been happier with what we achieved for our day and now we have photos that will last a lifetime to always remind us of our awesome day!





A Perfect Wedding Day

A Perfect Wedding Day

I met Jade whilst helping out at Dream Dress Bridal in Bredbury (an amazing experience if you have yet to find your ‘dream dress’) but i also found out a little later that i had worked with one of Jades bridesmaids too! This lady was super relaxed and super organised, a day filled with peaches & cream the wedding morning was full of atmosphere and enthusiastic bridesmaids – a perfect wedding day to remember… Here’s Jades trip down memory lane.

Clare x


Alan and I met back in 2005 at the tender age of just 15 and 18. Although we were young I knew then he was the one for me. They say opposites attract and our case this is definitely so…


Alan’s quiet, less confident than I am although he is without doubt the most caring , hard working and loyal man I know. During the ten years weve been together I’ve always been the organised one, taking charge whenever necessary, Alan’s much more laid back. So when it came to the planning of the wedding I had very fixed ideas about how I wanted the day to be.

We got engaged on the beach in Egypt back in 2009. The plan was for a 2012 wedding. Although in 2010 a little surprise in the form of our daughter Isabella came along. Wedding plans went on hold.

After buying our house in January 2014 we felt the time was right to set a date for our wedding. We decided on a spring wedding in March 2015.


We set out looking for venues and fell in love with the first venue we went to visit. The Cottons hotel, knutsford. It was the perfect size , modern , quirky and set in the lovely Cheshire countryside. The staff were so helpful from day one and it just felt right for us to get married there.


I knew I wanted plenty of bridesmaids as we both have sisters and I couldn’t choose between my best friends so decided I’d have them all! 8 in total. Each of them were thrilled to be asked. Although with so many bridesmaids to clothe I knew finding a dress to suit everyone would be difficult. I found a local dress maker so that the girls could each choose a dress style they preferred and have it made exactely to their measurements. After much deliberating we finally agreed on the colour dusky pink, we wanted something that said spring wedding and also kept in with out vintage theme.


cheshire wedding hair stylist

I set about looking for my dress. I knew straight away I wanted a fishtail style dress with a sweetheart neckline to enhance what little cleavage I had, much to my mother’s and sisters disapproval. They had envisioned I wore a big princess meringue style dress . Needless to say , their were plenty of disagreements before I found my dream dress ironically at dream dress bridal in Bredbury 5 minutes from where I live. I opted for a Diane Harbridge fishtail dress with sweetheart neckline and lace, just how I pictured it. It was there I met Clare. I’d already heard about Clare’s work and knew she was the woman I wanted doing my hair and make up on my big day.


We knew two sisters who had recently started up a venue decorating company called ‘I do‘ so got in touch with them to decorate our venue. Holly and Natalie of I do are so talented at what they do and could not do enough to help me in creating the vison I had of how I wanted the venue to look. We loved the photo booth idea so hired one of those from them too. It went down great with the guests.

After going to many weddings and having spent hours entertaining ourselves whilst the newly weds have their pictures taken we knew we wanted to invest most of our wedding budget into the entertainment for the day to keep all the guests happy and give them a day to remember. We hired a magician named Nick Rushton who was absolutely astonishing. We also had a roulette table to keep the boys happy , a DJ and a Robbie Williams tribute act as myself my sister and Mum are huge fans, a photographer of course, Adrian of Will Hey Photography . A sweet cart as anyone who knows Alan knows what a sweet tooth he has, and a nanny to see to the children for the day.



dream dress bridal stockportEverything was falling into place as the date became closer. I wanted very simple flowers and a very simple cake. I decided on ivory roses for my bridesmaids with the flower girls having a vintage pink rose Posey with an added butterfly detail and a mixture of ivory and vintage pink roses in my bouquet with added pearl detail. The cake I chose was again a simple 3 tier ivory design. Both the cake and flowers were made by suppliers who operated from home, keeping my costs down too .

On the eve of the wedding I stayed at the Cottons with two of my bridesmaids. I had a relaxing afternoon in the gym and spa before heading off for a drink with the first love of my life , my dad.

The morning of the wedding I woke around 6 and despite having a belly full of butterfly’s managed to consume some breakfast. Clare arrived around 9 along with my other bridesmaids. We all got ready in the bridal suite at the hotel, wearing pur personalised dressing gowns drinking champagne. Clare did five of the bridesmaids make up as well as my make up and hair. All the girs were so pleased with their looks and when it came to my turn it was as if Clare had read my mind. I wanted a very natural look but with big hair. She did me a big curly up do with extensions to extend the hair even more. It looked sensational , exactly as id imagined it. She was great at keeping me calm as the nerves started to kick in and put me into my dress before I left to make that very important walk down the aisle.

The day went without a hitch exactly as I had planned it . It goes so incredibly quick just as everyone had told me .

My advice to any bride now is to relax and enjoy your day taking in every detail.

We honeymooned in the Dominican Republic along with out daughter and then had a second mini moon a month later in Barcelona.


Everyone asks what married life is like ? My answer is always the same, its the same as it was before only now I know that I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have my husband my by side for the rest of my life , our perfect little family.

An Experienced; Planning Your Perfect Wedding

An Experienced; Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Your Own Cinderella Moment!

Helen was my super glam bride, for her trial she had a clear idea of what hair and makeup looks she wanted, super prepared with pictures of different looks she’d found all working perfectly with her Mori Lee lace fishtail wedding gown from Dream Dress Bridal in Bredbury and statement necklace… So here are Helen’s top tips for planning your perfect wedding day!


modern bride



I could write a novel the length of war and peace about my wedding day – it was perfect to me and I loved every minute but then who doesn’t?!

I could bore you with why I picked the flowers I did or the venue but you’ll come to your own reasoning for that – instead I’ll impart a few ‘top tips’ to help you plan your own perfect wedding and create your own fairytale moment!



elegant bridal hair



  1. Budget!

I love a spreadsheet so maybe I revelled in this a little more than most but if you want to help yourself in the long run, be realistic on what you can afford. My husband and I decided on £8000 – to some that seems masses to lots it’s probably peanuts but it’s the figure we worked out we could comfortably save without having a year living on the bread line.


  1. Prioritise

Think of all the things that a wedding comprises; venue, guests, dress, photographer, party etc and put it in order of importance. There is no right answer here, for us it was number of guests and fantastic photographs that hit the top of our list – this helped massively in deciding venue and working out where we could scrimp & save on the budget and where we weren’t willing to sacrifice.






broach bouquet

  1. Get Creative

We saved loads as I was willing to put some time into making my own things. I made my bouquet from brooches that friends and family gave to me, making it really personal & special. I did my own centre pieces for the tables to avoid the cost of flowers and even designed my own invites saving a fortune on design & printing costs. It might take time & effort but it does really save a pretty penny and make the day very personal & unique


  1. Be Cheeky!

I always say ‘you don’t ask you don’t get’ and it couldn’t be truer for a wedding. We asked my mum to make our cake which she was delighted to do. I asked the venue if they could do us a deal on the bar prices for guests and we ended up with a special price for bottles of wine & draughts too. I asked for a room upgrade the night before and low and behold got upgraded to the suit we were due to have on the wedding night.

The worst thing to happen for asking is someone says no, which does happen, but it really isn’t that terrible!


  1. Get Recommendations

Both the wedding dress shop – Dream Dress Bridal and the hair & makeup artist – Harry Jon, came as recommendations from friends who had used them and loved them and I couldn’t be more pleased with both!

Using suppliers / venues others rave about just makes sense! Why have the fear of the unknown?!?



wedding hair and makeup



  1. Try Before You Buy

You want to know what you’re spending your hard earned pennies on is just what you want so, try it out. Eat in the restaurant, view several of the bedrooms, book a hair & make up trial, try loads of dresses, view photographers albums. You want to know what you chose is what you think it is so try it out!!! After all you can’t change it on the day so make sure it’s right before hand. Any decent company will not have an issue with this. Harry Jon went through several hair & makeup options with me, working with me to get the look I was after. Dream dress bridal had me in for several appointments where they spent several hours allowing me to browse & try without the hard push. They were full of helpful advice too!



wedding hair and makeup

  1. Be You

It’s your wedding day and it should reflect your personalities and the things you love. You don’t have to have fruit cake just because it’s traditional. You don’t have to wear white if it doesn’t suit you just because it’s what people expect!  We did a cocktail making session for guests whilst we had our couple shots and a brass quartet to play in between. A very eccentric mix but very ‘us’ all the same.




  1. Research

The Internet is a wonderful thing. If you’re prepared to look you can find loads of amazing ideas and view hundreds of venues without even leaving the comfort of your home. It really does pay to do a little research first, look at reviews, find items you may want. You can save time and money by surfing the net to get those finishing touches for less or by whittling down the venue list to your top 3 to avoid dragging your soon to be spouse round hundreds of pointless locations.


  1. Have Fun!

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be a chore, it’s not all about the 1 day. Make sure that you have a laugh along the way – after all planning a wedding can take over your life for a while so you really don’t want it to be stressing you out.



  1. Budget!

Yup it’s that important it’s on here twice! If you want to reduce the stress levels make a budget and stick to it! I knew I’d found the perfect photographers in Red 5 Studios, but given our tight budget I knew I’d have to compromise on something else. For us it was the table decorations, I had intended to have real flowers but at over £50 per table I could see the numbers mounting up in a less than favourable way! I also ended up getting the button holes from a florist on the market – they worked out half the price of the high street shop and just as beautiful. The stall had a folder of images of past work; they just weren’t on line & obviously had cheaper over heads for running meaning the customers got the savings passed on!


Remember planning a wedding doesn’t have to be a chore, have fun with it – enjoy the chance to bond with your partner and make the day truly reflect you! Don’t worry what others might think, family and friends will be happy no matter what you decide and if they’re not – so what?! Those that truly support you would wear a bin bag if that’s what you desired!

Stick to your budget and you’ll avoid any additional heart ache – it really is there to help not hinder you. And finally just be you – you’ll have way more fun getting creative and planning your special day if it reflects who you are & what you like, and if things are seeming all a bit much – just remember it’s only one day!!!


elegant bridal hair and makeup

Good luck creating your ‘happy ever after!’



Our Fairytale Wedding

Our Fairytale Wedding

My Fairytale Wedding

Our fairytale wedding began in New York!

The 15th November 2013, the day after my 30th birthday we jetted off to NY. Passport control was a nightmare and John was becoming increasingly irritated. We finally got to the hotel at about 3.30pm and we headed straight to Central Park, he was in such a hurry, I didn’t understand why. When we got to the edge of the park we decided on a Pedicab tour and the driver was lovely, stopping at a few places like where Home Alone was filmed and most importantly at the FRIENDS fountain. We watch FRIENDS at some point everyday so it was huge for both of us!

Fairytale In New York


We both got in the fountain and asked the driver to take our photograph. Then he did it!! John got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so shocked and excited… It was a fantastic trip! I loved it! What’s more the driver captured it all on camera. So the wedding theme was set; ‘FRIENDS’!

 As soon as we got back to the UK we started planning. We wanted a venue that was not too far for our families to travel but with an option to stay over and spend the weekend and we only went to view one venue and that was the Norton Grange Hotel and Spa I cannot recommend them enough – Joanna their wedding co-ordinator could not have done more for us, the day ran smoothly and we didn’t worry about anything.We booked August 30th 2014.

Their event  ‘A day at the Norton Grange’ was really helpful they suggested companies they worked with, a little research and one in particular stood out; Allison of Balloons and More she gave ideas but wasn’t pushy, she was so helpful, she even offered to put all my centrepieces together even though I had bought them myself! She catered for everything, the dance floor, the photobooth, the flowers, the twinkle backdrop, chocolate fountain. The room looked amazing and I was so glad we’d chose Allison.

Once the venue was sorted we moved onto the Honeymoon, my friend recommended a company called Destinology. I was put in touch with Kimberley they were really helpful and they were even able to set up a fund for guests to make a deposit towards our honeymoon if they wished instead of a gift. So we booked to fly to Secrets Capri in Riviera Maya. The honeymoon was incredible and we are even going back to Mexico in May for a family wedding and staying at Secrets sister resort.

The dress, I went to Sense and Sensibility in Stockport and they were brilliant, i tried just 4 dresses and I knew which one I wanted! I preferred to have straps as I have a habit of pulling up dresses, so I chose the Maggie Sottero ‘Rita’ dress: satin material, a beautiful fit that was perfect for my shape and my mum loved it, that just made it perfect. I went back a few months later to pick my veil and headpiece, they were just fantastic from start to finish

wedding hair & makeup

Bridal Shoes.

My shoes were a tough decision. In total I bought 4 pairs!

Initially, I went for comfort and picked a plain lace pair which had a small heal, I was happy with them until I went for my dress alterations about 6 weeks before the wedding but trying them with my dress they didn’t feel special, so I started looking for different ones. I ordered a pair from eBay about 2 weeks before the wedding and kept looking, then finally after trawling through the internet I finally deciding on my perfect shoes! I picked them up two days before the wedding but I knew they were the ones, I felt like a princess in them. I still wear them now. ‘Carvela Grin Court Shoe’

Cake Toppers

For the cake, I got my friends mum to make it but I wanted a special cake topper. I used Beautiful Cake ToppersThey got every detail perfect. I still have my topper on display at home. It is fantastic.

Bridesmaids Gift


For the presents for my bridesmaids I wanted something unique and they could keep. I saw an article on a designer from America and fell in love with her work, she designed wine glasses based on your outfit. I emailed Sam, She just asked for details and was prepared to ship them to the UK for me aswell. I ordered a wine glass for each bridesmaid and a cup with a lid for the younger bridesmaids. I also ordered glasses for myself and John for the wedding day. I love them and were a great keepsake.

As the day approached I was so excited. I was marrying my best friend and I couldn’t wait, I’d had my make up trial with Clare, she listened to what I wanted and I knew she would look after me.

Makeup Artist Cheshire

wedding hair-makeup

She arrived on the day as calm as a cucumber even though I was getting stressed, doing hair one by one then the makeup. She made everything so easy and relaxed. I can’t thank her enough.

I was ready on time, my dad was there waiting to walk me down the aisle, for which we’d chosen Christina Perry; A Thousand Years, he started crying literally as we stepped into the room. It was perfect, John was standing at the end of the isle waiting but i could not stop shaking – I was so happy!

Wedding hair-makeup

You hear of hiccups on a wedding day. ours happened as the registrar was about to hand over the marriage certificate I looked out and my dad was missing, I looked at my mum “where has he gone?” “he’s gone to get the camera from the room” she replied. Thankfully he came walking back in and everyone applauded him and he took a bow.

Then we were able to relax, we had lots of photographs done and it was time to sit down for the meal. It was great fun. There were the table decorations laid out, ‘He’s her lobster’ instead of MR and Mrs on the top table. The table plan with names of FRIENDS characters for each table name.

The meal was lovely and we got onto the speeches. My dad went first and literally had the room in tears. He’s not a man of many words but he was emotional and it showed.



Evening entertainment kicked off, we had the photobooth which was so much fun and you could see the story of the night unfolding. The music was great and we literally danced and smiled all night long. My only recommendation to other bride and grooms would be to invest in a videographer, I would love to watch the day over again. It went so fast. I would love to do it over again.
Photo Booth



It was the best day of my life.

A Wedding with Sparkle!

A Wedding with Sparkle!

I met Danielle for the first time whilst doing hair & makeup with an events company at The Saddleworth Hotel and many more since: So when Danielle and Scott became engaged, it was only natural for her to ask me to be her make up artist for her own special day and upon learning the day would be all glitz and glamour, I became even more excited for her wedding!

The Saddleworth Hotel

It soon became apparent that the ever popular Saddleworth Hotel was limited on wedding availability, leaving Danielle & Scott with only one option – 31st December 2013. Not one to be discouraged by the biggest party night of the year, the couple embraced the idea of seeing in 2014 surrounded by all their friends and family on their first day as man and wife. I couldn’t agree more, what better way to start a new year?!

pixies in the cellar

It was an early start for bridal hair and makeup, beginning at 7am before the sun had even had chance to rise. It was dark outside but Danielle was glowing; a beaming smile greeted me at the door. As I stepped into the hallway, the surprisingly calm bride whispered to me “do you want a sneak peek at my dress?”. Well, I wasn’t going to say no and WOW what a dress!  The stunning embellished gown designed by Manuel Mota Vetura from Pronovias was absolutely breathtaking. Note to future brides: for those of you that love a ‘Twilight’ backless gown, Danielle’s is one you need to see!

Pixies In The Cellar

The bridal party seemed quite relaxed. The morning flowed peacefully and there was an unusual sense of calm and serenity in the air. As the early sun began to shine in through the windows, I began to curl hair and apply the make up that Danielle had chosen at her trial. We went for a soft crease cut; a modern look with lots of mascara, lashes and liquid liner.

I gave her hair lots of volume in order to last the duration of the day, then added a beautiful encrusted comb Danielle had purchased to the side…and of course for a wedding with sparkle –  more sparkle through to the back! Consistent with the request of ‘something messy but tidy’, I applied smooth looped curls to finish the look.


Pixies In The Cellar

Pixies In The Cellar

If I could use one word to summarize Danielle and Scott’s wedding, it most certainly would have to be ‘encrusted’. From head to toe and start to finish, the day was full of sparkle – much to my taste! The little bridesmaids wore encrusted diamonte pumps to match Danielle’s gorgeous Jimmy Choo’s


Pixies in the cellar

Pixies n The Cellar

and even the boys got a little added sparkle on their shoes!

Pixies In The Cellar

The cake was an elegant centrepiece draped in shimmer and shine, whilst the bouquets by Kelly Louise were soft and delicate – a true winter wonderland that undoubtedly will inspire many more brides-to-be, all captured wonderfully by Peter & Sara of Pixies In The Cellar photography.


Pixies In The Cellar

Pixies In The Cellar

Danielle Saddleworth 15

Pixies In The Cella

Pixies In The Cellar

Pixies In The Cellar


As the end of the year came to a close and the night rolled in, the DJ got the party started in the final countdown to 2013. Having gracefully walked down the aisle to an operatic singer, the day soon transformed into a vivacious celebration and the champagne flowed freely, ending an old year and starting a new on a high.

Pixies In The Cellar

Pixies In The Cellar


My biggest congratulations go to the new Mr and Mrs and if you’re passing the area, I highly recommend dropping by the Saddleworth Hotel for its amazing food and even more spectacular views.

Even if you’re not getting married its worth the visit!