Skincare – preparation is key

I have never struggled with my skin in an acne or oily way, growing up I always had great skin with just one HUGE spot that came up every month like clockwork. I’m now 40 years old and i’ve started early menopause which means a drop is oestrogen and now muscle tone, bone density and dryness are all my skin issues catching up with me.

I still do my research though! With several close friends suffering with polycystic ovaries and endometriosis that can sometimes cause a flair up around the jawline, many products are also sent to them to see how they fair. Plus ive had many clients suffering with skin issues like Rosacea, Eczema, Acne and more, helping them improve the appearance with makeup and recommending things to help.

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I’ve put this post together to help clients combat skin problems, recommending some of my favourite skin products and treatments. You can add your comments at the bottom to recommend products and services that have worked for you

It’s likely you already know that however good your foundation and MUA may be, the healthier your skin is underneath, the better your makeup will look. Many clients realise this, but forget about it in the midst of other things until way too late to actually make a difference. If timing isn’t on your side, you could find your impurities coming to a head (quite literally) on the very morning.

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So why is this?

To be able to combat this and ensure a fresh, clear complexion, you firstly need to understand the simple science of skin. Like our hair, skin has a natural cycle which in essence involves production and shedding. Your skin is made up of complex layers less than one cell thick. It is ‘built’ in the base layer and slowly moves up to the external layer (the dermis, the layer we can see) where it is shed. This process is continual. The tricky thing is that this takes time – some sins struggle to shed dead skin cells leaving them with a dull complexion due to a build up of dead skin. AND if you start too late with the ‘flushing’ process, you’ll end up with a full-on skin emergency right when you don’t need it with dreaded spots.

For this reason, it’s simply no good starting to drink enough water to ‘flush’ out impurities particularly just one or two weeks before your wedding day.

Drink it Up

Yes, water is fabulous for skin – and indeed, for your whole body. You know that really, you should be drinking plenty of water (around 2-3 litres a day including water from food) all year round. But with busy lifestyles and a taste for tea, coffee and fizzy drinks, our skin suffers as it is exposed to toxins and starved of what it needs to look beautiful.

Avoid diuretics such as coffee and alcohol, as these could thwart your efforts – and don’t forget that sugary drinks can cause spots and premature ageing. Drinking enough water has plenty of benefits for your body – so once you get in the habit, try and stick to it  – your skin will thank you.

Moisturise properly

Whilst hydration from the inside out is key, remember to hydrate topically too with a good moisturiser suited well to your skin type. Unfortunately, our skin is the last part of our body to receive the water we drink – so even if you are drinking enough, it may need a helping hand to top up its moisture levels to keep it looking plumped, smooth and supple. Try to add moisturiser or facial oil when the skin is still damp – as you want to ‘lock in’ the moisture provided by water with your moisturiser, which won’ t actually provide any extra water for the skin (no matter what it may say on the bottle).

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Treatments & Products

There is so much on the market now that there is literally something for everyone.

Two in expensive treatments are Dermabraision & Dermaplanning. Both remove surface dead skin cells and are usually complemented with a masque after treatment.

I came across Kate McIver recently on Instagram who has devised a facial oil, the results are amazing! The serum has helped clients like myself with dryness and ageing skin AND problematics skins like acne.

After I had a read through the site, she also has a facial range designed to give radiance and more plumpness to the skin (something I definitely need) so one of these is definitely on the agenda! I’ve already started on the serum and my skin improved within a week… Kate offers steps on the site of how to use the serum, one key note is to let the serum soak in before using your moisturiser because a moisturiser being water based can stop the serum soaking in and working…. One tip I never knew!

But I loved this product so much ive requested to become an affiliate for them!

Remember if you have an oily skin to still moisturise, you can get mattifying moisturisers and primers to help combat oil but still nourish your skin all adding extra help to make the most out of your makeup.

What else can I do?

The health and appearance of our skin is determined by a great number of factors. Hormones, stress and age all play a part – so what else can you do?

Cleanse well to get rid of dirt and makeup that builds up through the day.

Do things to relax like yoga to relief stress but also exercise at the same time to help get oxygen to the skin.

Clean your makeup brushes and sponges that can harbour germs that course spots and change your pillow case to avoid resting your face on dirt and dead skin cells!

Keep an eye on your nutrition – we all go off the rails from time to time, especially if hormones or stress is involved but get some fruit and veg in there to relief the guilt and give your skin a glow.

Try some natural remedies for your skin like anti bacterial coconut oil, a friend of mine uses natural coconut & sea salt for a hydrating scrub that helps keep spots at bay for a body scrub and on her husbands back!

Eat nourishing facial foods like Egg, honey, yogurt, cocoa & avocado.

Always remember, what works for someone might not work for you so give your skin a test patch if you are sensitive.

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Let us know in the comments what you’ve tried and tested for your skin type.


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